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Testing Gogobello

Date: 31/03/2017

Time: 21:00

gogobello 1.1 (IGWT 2017)
Status: released in February 2017
* – Evaluation parameters tuning (Texel Method)
* – LMR improvements
* – Null Move Pruning improvements
* – minor bug fixing

Engine testing

Testing EceX2

Date: 07/04/2017

Time: 21:00

ECE-X2 Chess Wizard v1.2 is a powerful, free chess playing and learning software. You can play with computer, solve puzzles, edit and publish games in Chess Wizard. Chess Wizard GUI supports many UCI engines, which can show you strong chess strategies and improve your skills. ECE-X2 is default engine with 11 different and progressive difficulty levels (0 to 10) that you can combine with Chess Wizard levels. you can load external engine and see engine vs engine match.
ECE-X2 is an UCI chess engine (SSE3 CPU Instruction Set) written by Luigino Viscione. Latest version has an Elo Rating of about 2590 points on Italian G-SEI and about 2500 on CCRL.
Thanks to Ennio A. for the help in MultiThreads code and some minor fi x. Thanks to all GSEI group.

Engine testing
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