Igwobt is an international competition between opening books relayed on gsei site.
The elo is calculated by reference to the chess engine without the book (Chiron - None selected book).
In this way it is possible to understand what is the added value by the book to the chess engine reference.
The opening books with elo bigger than 0 are recommended.

Each participant must be an original work; no opening book clones, please;
Abk (arena) and bin (polyglot) allowed
Matches ending for time forfeit will be repeated

The tournament will be composed of only 2 round robin.

GUI and chess engine condition
  • Gui - Arena 3.5.1
  • Time control - 15' + 10"
  • Chess engine - Chiron
  • Cores - 2
  • Hash table - 1024 MB
  • Ponder - Off
  • Learning - Off
  • Tablebase - Yes

  • Adjudication
  • Adjudicate as a loss below -900 centipawns
  • Adjudicate draw by tablebase

  • Abk Opening books configuration
  • Use transposition - on
  • Use book up to halfmove - 9999