Igwt is an international competition between chess engines relayed on gsei site The best 8 italian engines versus 8 non italian engines.

The best 8 Italian chess engines will be selected through a series of 4 round robin.
The best 8 non Italian chess engines will be selected through 4 round robin (only 10 participants).

After that, this 16 engines will play in a knockout tournament (this is the 'final step').

Each participant must be an original work; no chess engines clones or derivatives;
If private or commercial, chess engine should have a history of official tournament participation in WCCC, ACCA, CCT, CHESSWAR or GSEI live;
One entry per author/team;
Chess engines must play under Arena 3.0 without problem;
Engines are allowed updates between round robin and match (final tournament), if there is a critical play-limiting bug, the engine are allowed to be updated as soon as possible;
If it happens a critical bug and the engine is upgraded, it will be replayed (only once) games of chess engines;
Debug files always available at the end of each session.

I.G.W.T. - the development of the tournament
The following table shows step by step the development of the tournament. We start from group E and ends with the final stepů

Group E - 4 round robinGropup D - 4 round robinGroup C - 4 round robinGroup B - 4 round robinGroup A - 4 round robinGuest group - 4 round robinFinal step - Knockout tournament
First 2 chess engines are promoted on Group DFirst 2 chess engines are promoted on Group CFirst 2 chess engines are promoted on Group BFirst 2 chess engines are promoted on Group AAll 8 chess engines are promoted on final step - First engine are Winner of Italian IGWTFirst 8 chess engines are promoted on final stepFirst engine are Absolute Winner of IGWT

In the final step the best 8 italian engines and the best 8 guest engines will compete in a single elimination tournament with minimatch of 10 games.
The pairing will be done as in tennis; will be based on. The alphabetical sort order of the name of the programs will sanction the use of the color white in the first game of minimatch, after that the match will continue reversing the colors to every game. In the event of a tie the minimatch will continue until one of the two gets the win.

MatchGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6Game ...

  • Bit - Chess engines compiled for 64bit are preferred versus 32-bit if the author agrees.
  • Time control - 15'+10" (45+10" in the knockout tournament)
  • Hash tables - 1GB
  • Cores - 2 max
  • Ponder - On
  • Learning - On
  • Book - Only own book (or 3moves.abk)
  • Tablebase - 3,4,5 Nalimov, Scorpio, Gafs, Gaviota and Sygyzy (but only if they are called by the engine)

  • Date and time
    Dates and times for the beginning of each match / round robin will be announced by the website, via email to all accounts g-sei and all those who will be interested in the information.

    Q - Why do not you use a book / tablebase common to all chess engines?
    A - The chess engines are the result of the commitment of programmers; rules have been created to enhance their work. I think it's right to try to use everything that the programmer has created and nothing more.

    Q - Why 15'+10" for each game?
    A - A shorter time would not fit well to the online matches (there could be problems for data transmission and difficulties for visitors to follow the games). A time longer than this would make the tournament too long.