Tornei e ratings

Frank's chess pageFrank's chess page

Ingo Bauer I.P.O.N.

Thoresen chess engine competition T.C.E.C.

Chess Engines Grand Tournament C.E.G.T.

Sedat Canbaz Sedat Canbaz

Arnaud's Computer Chess Corner Arnaud's Computer Chess Corner

tcerl T.C.E.R.L.

icga Icga tournaments

Endless Round Robin Tournament Stefan Pohl Computer Chess

Fast GMs Rating List F.G.M.R.L.

The Annual ACCA World Computer Rapid Chess Championships A.C.C.A.

Risorse per programmatori
cpw C.P.W.

programmer stuff Programmer stuff

Strategy Game Programming Strategy Game Programming

xboard and WinBoard Chess Engine Communication Protocol

minimal winboard Chess engine minimal communication protocol

high branching factor High branching factor

high branching factor Uci

chess programming Computer Chess programming Theory

chess programming PLUTOWare

gnu Xboard

arena Arena

tarrash Tarrash

books Specifiche chessbase books (ctg)

books Specifiche Arena books (abk)

books Specifiche poyglyot books (bin)

Organizzazioni e circoli di scacchi
fsi F.S.I.

icga I.C.G.A.

uisp U.I.S.P.

ltb L.T.B.

sst S.S.T.